Location-Based Service

A technique by creating a virtual perimeter around your business location to have your ads served to smartphone users who enter the boundary.


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Integrate Geofencing into your marketing strategy and you'd be amazed at the consistent results that you'll get. Creating Geofencing campaigns can truly transform every facet of your business.

Geofencing Advantages

Instant Consideration

Through Geofencing, you're able to trigger instant messages that pique a customer's interest and nudges them to come to check out the latest deals in your store. Geofencing campaigns help consumers make Informed and Instant decisions.

Reduction in Cost of Marketing

With the high cost of creating ads campaign using Geofencing is sure to cut down the cost and still produce a great result - since it only focuses on local consumers and these consumers are likely to buy from you.

Easy Customer Reach

When it comes to reaching out to your customers, Geofencing is an option you shouldn't neglect — because It notifies your customer about your product/services whenever they're close to your business location through their mobile phone.


Grows Brand Awareness

The mobile marketing strategy that leverages on Geofencing provides local and multi-channel businesses, the chance to communicate with their potential consumers who are close by and ready to purchase through mobile phones.

Where will the ad show?

• Your mobile ad will display as a banner ad across the bottom of popular mobile apps being used in the city, town or location you choose target.

• Direct access to over 10,000+ popular apps used by millions of users across US.

• No matter which app gets targeted, your ad will be shown to people using the app ONLY when they are at the location you choose.

How can I set a Geofence and target people?

Simply choose your target:
• Select an address or a city to set a Geo Fence (virtual boundary)
• Set a radius reach (as wide as 10 miles or as narrow as 1 mile).
• Target people in a specific area such as: your business, a
competitors business or just a busy location. OR target an
entire city or town


Geofencing is a location-based service that businesses use to engage their audience by sending relevant messages to smartphone users who enter a pre-defined location or geographic area


Geofencing helps you to keep in control of your business by notifying you when a potential consumer is passing by your store, by competitors, or entering into a predefined area. You can monitor your Geofence through the day for potential prospects or customers who might be interested in your offer. It keeps to track them until that parameter is breached – either they’re trying to enter or to go out.


Package # 1

$ 379
  • Banner Ads – 2
  • Poster Picture Ads – 2
  • 30 Sec Gif – 1
  • 1 Location, (1,5, Or 10 Mile Fence)

(No Setup Fees)

Can Rotate Ads Weekly As Needed
Additional Ads And Video’s Are Available. Contact Our Account Manager.

Package # 2

$ 479
  • Banner Ads – 3
  • Poster Picture Ads – 3
  • 30 Sec Gif – 2
  • 3 Locations (1,5, Or 10 Mile Fence)

(No Setup Fees)

Can Rotate Ads Weekly As Needed
Additional Ads And Video’s Are Available. Contact Our Account Manager.

Package # 3

$ 579
  • Banner Ads – 5
  • Poster Picture Ads – 5
  • 30 Sec Gif – 4
  • 4 Locations (1,5, Or 10 Mile Fence)

(No Setup Fees)

Can Rotate Ads Twice Weekly As Needed
Additional Ads And videos Are Available. Contact Our Account Manager.


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